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Facebook and Google Plus for Business I’ve been bouncing around all over the social sphere these last few months.  It’s been an interesting and enjoyable pursuit to learn what social outlet provides what type of visitor, link/buzz or referral to my site.  I’ve seen and read dozens of posts recently about this same thing in regards to just twitter or another social site.  I’m going to attempt to share my experience with 4 major outlets, those being:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk and Twitter .


Let me just say, I love Facebook!  Used correctly, it can lead to great relationships with colleagues within your industry and even old friends (Timpanogos ‘99 FTW!).  I first registered with Facebook a few years back just to make sure no one took my name (don’t know why they’d want to).  I built up friendships, mostly with people at work and some close friends.  I lost touch with Facebook for a while and didn’t do anything with it for several months.

My interest was re-ignited initially when I introduced my wife to Facebook and within 2 months, had double the amount of friends that I had.  “This can’t be”, I said!  “I’m an industry expert…I should have tons more than her!”  I then began connecting with as many people within the SEO industry as I could, and within about a month, I had a commanding lead over her number of friends (take that, babe!).

Now that it was over, I looked back and realized I hadn’t made much of a “connection” with these new friends beyond the “add friend” link.  I made a strong effort to get to know many of my new friends, what they did, where they were from and all that.  Facebook hasn’t been a hidden gem of traffic to my site, but I have made several, personal connections with people I can literally call “friends” and have even done business with a few of them.  I’ve also acquired a new client, who is an old acquaintance and I’ll be doing his SEO to build his new, local business here in Utah.


LinkedIn has been, how can I say this…kind of a waste of time for me.  I wish that wasn’t the case…I wish I had something cool to say and tell you that if you make connections and recommend others’ services, you’ll get a plethora of contacts and know everyone and everything.  But, alas…that wasn’t the case.

I made a decent effort to make strong contacts with LinkedIn.  I added people that I knew and sent messages to them and even recommended some peoples’ services.  Despite my credentials and outreaches, I didn’t seem to get anything in my inbox besides the occasional “Connect with So-And-So”.  The efforts that I did make seemed to go nowhere.  Whenever I tried to connect with an industry expert through one of my connections, I usually got an answer along the lines of “I don’t know them personally, they’re just one of my connections.”  Wonderful!  So far, I’ve yet to gain anything from LinkedIn except a slot on the SERPs for my name.  If someone has seen something different, I’d love to hear from you…post a comment!


Oh, Plurk…you are a needy bitch (great read, but the verbage is NSFW)!  Plurk was fun while it lasted.  I’m proud to say that I joined in its infancy and had a great time talking with people from all walks of life.  Unlike the regular micro-blogging platform, Plurk was more of a micro-forum platform.  I was instantly turned on by the drop-down threading system and the lateral timeline…it was so unique.  I plurked, I mlurked (mobile plurked) and wasted many hours with mindless babble on that website!

One interesting thing about Plurk is the Karma system, and although it became more forgiving over the months, I believe it was one of its major downfalls.  Nobody wanted to be forced to Plurk…yet if you didn’t, your karma would go down.  And with all the extra emoticons and settings my high karma allowed me, I lost interest.  It faded slowly, but then stopped all at once.

I can’t say Plurk was a complete failure.  I have a few people within my industry that am close with due to the conversations we had on Plurk.  Plurk was more of a casual place for me…I think one of the longest of my threads had to do with a half-naked lady at my gym.  However, when attempting to get more exposure on some of my social media campaigns, my “Hey, friends, please help this viral article” threads seem to fall on deaf ears (or, is it blind eyes?).  Plurk, you were fun for a while, but not even reaching “Nirvana” was enough to get me to stay.


This is the section I’d like to spend the least amount of time on.  My reasoning behind that?  One word:  Twitip.  For me, Twitter has become, by far, one of the best ways to get to meet people and keep up on news and all that.  I have gained several relationships that have become very valuable on Twitter and have done business with many of them as well.  I think we’re definitely in the day and age where people in the internet marketing sphere must have a Twitter account.

Penny Auction Sites

Best Canadian Penny Auction Sites

Penny Auctions are quickly becoming a craze in Canada, commercials on TV, the Internet and even on the radio have us flocking to see what the buzz is about. If you haven’t seen they advertise on how you can get Top line merchandise for 80-95% off retail value. Which is True but it is not as easy as they would have you believe it to be! I couldn’t resits the temptation and I have tried out a number of Penny Auction Sites most times I have left with a great feeling of enjoyment and entertainment and I even won a few prizes. Now Penny Auctions are not for the easily distracted or the gambling type… You need to have patients and know when to stick your bids in.

How to become a Penny Auction Ninja

The first step to becoming a Penny Auction Ninja and winning prizes at ridiculously low prices is to register to a few penny auction websites.  I say register to a few because you want to have a large variety of closing auctions at your finger tips. One key tip when searching for Penny Auction sites is to do your research first! there are hundreds of penny auction sites but not all of them are good, be sure to read some reviews on the site of your choice before you deposit.

Secondly after you have bought some bids at a few sites we practice the skill of silence. A Niga must sneak up on its pray to win the attack. In the Penny auction world we just sit in front of the screen and wait for the auction to count down to 3…2…1. Place your bid before the last second, this requires patients but this is a technique that has made my living room PIMP

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Twitter Optimization and Management Tools

Twitter management tools to improve SEO

The obsession of Twitter still baffles my mind but one thing I have discovered about Twitter is it is a great source of news.  It is amazing what information you can find on Twitter and how inter connected everyone is. In this article we will talk about the benefits a Twitter account can have for your website and how to optimize your twitter to gain traffic.

How to optimize your Twitter account

Twitter Optimization toolsMy first step when creating twitter accounts is to choose a relative background. Twitter has a feature to let account users choose their background, my background always has the logo and website name of the account.

Once you have created your site, you want people to follow you right? The whole purpose of marketing on Twitter is to get the most followers. By adding a Twitter follow button on your site is one way to get followers. I have also had success with programs that add people to follow. These programs will search for people with the interest or location you desire to target and follow them.

How to Manage your Twitter accounts

When you start to get a few twitter accounts going it is hard to manage them. In addition to all the Facebook and Google Plus accounts It can be hard to manage multiple social media accounts. That’s were Tweet Deck comes into play. If you have multiple social media accounts get a Tweet Deck account to manage all your accounts at once.

Make the most of 140 characters

Twitter limits you on what you can say at once. 140 characters is not much room to work with, plus if you intend to insert a link to your website that number could be cut in half. Twitter forced the use of tiny urls to save on space. I recommend to shorten your URL. They are the best company and they are free. They also give you statistics on how many people clicked your links, where they came from and other useful details.

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How to Optimize Youtube Videos

Youtube: the second largest Search Engine

It is a known fact that many people do not like to read anymore than they have to. For this reason we have seen a huge increaseof searches on youtube.  Trends have been increasing for people looking for ” how to” search terms  and reviews on products. Now the quality of these videos is not the greatest and written content will always be more insightful. Youtube is a easy way to gain traffic as backlinks well as to your site.

How to opotimize your youtube videos

Youtube search results are very similar to Googles, which makes sense as the Search engine giant owns Youtube. They take into account the title, description and keywords to place your video and link it to the right search terms. Youtube has also been taking into account the amount of likes and dislikes of a video. A video that gets more dislikes than likes will be demoted from its position in the Youtbe search results.

Optimizing Youtube Videos for Clicks.

youtube search optimization


Every youtube video has a cover image, and like a book a person will only take one glance at the cover so make it count.  You want to choose a cover image that will entice people to click on the video to watch. Take some time in choosing the perfect cover images for your video.

Gain traffic from Youtube

Youtube has made ordinary people famous and is an amazing source of FREE traffic to your site. It is a good idea to add your company logo within your videos. This will increase your brand awareness and some direct traffic. Youtube will also allow you to add a link in your description of the video. This is great backlink material and can gain you some referral traffic.



Website Link Building Strategies SEO Improvements

How to build a backlink campaign

There are a few ways to run a successful link building campaign. Of course there is always the method of paying a company to provide the service, if this is your path I recommend they know their business and deliver quickly for a good price. For those do it yourself’ers I will give you a few strategies to find and build quality links to your site.

Link Exchange Link Building

Link exchange is one way to get free backlinks to your site.  Link exchange works by swapping your link to be placed on someone else’sSEO Link building site in exchange for you to place their link on your site. Finding others to exchange links with is not easy, it will take many emails and time on forums looking for good trades. When trading links you have to think like a general manager of a sports team, work out the best deal. Try to negotiate to get an in-content link to your site on an inner page.  I often get emails for link exchange but unfortunately they are often of poor quality links, so beware who you trade with.

 Link Building with Cash

The second way to build links is to buy them. The same approach of contacting sites and searching forums will be used but success rate will be much better as money talks! It takes management skills once again to have the ability to negotiate a fair price and a good position on the site for your backlink.

Online forums have taught me more than any schooling ever has. Forums give you the ability communicate with other webmasters like you. Finding a forum on your websites topic can sometimes be hard. is a webmaster forum that is a great place to start. On this forum you will find sections to buy and sell links, trade links and opportunity to meet and lean from others.

Exchange links with us

If you are interested in building your links leave us a comment to get a free backlink as our appreciation.

Link Building Guide to Increase Website SEO

Link Building Guide and Tips

Link building has been a key to search engine optimization forever and will continue to a major factor in determining a sites position in search engine results. Search engines view backlinks as a signal of trust. The more quality backlinks you have going to your site the more likely you will have a good position in search engines. With that said there are bad backlinks that can hurt your sites search engine rankings. In this article we will explain what quality backlinks are and what ones to avoid. We will also have some strategies and tips to build your websites backlinks.

What makes a great backlink

Step one to creating a good backlink is choosing your anchor text. This is the word or phrase your site will be linked from. You want to choose an anchor text that you are trying to target in search engines. Some research should go into what search phrases you are trying to target and get backlinks with those keywords as the anchor. For an example a good link anchor for this page could be “Link Building Guide”

The best backlinksA quality back link should be within the same topic as your site, be in the same language and be updated often. If the site is not often updated then be sure it has good content. Position is also apart of what makes a good backlink, the best link will be within the content of the website.

What makes a poor backlinkBacklinks to avoid are easy to spot, they have many outgoing links and will usually look horrible. It is also wise to avoid footer links or site wide links. These types of links are devalued by search engines due to their repetitive nature.